Al Delma Areas of Training

Al Delma Areas of Training

Al Delma Areas of Training

Al Delma has the capability to prepare and deliver training services/programs in many areas, depending on the requirements of the client. Some of these areas include:

A. Technical / Oil and Gas Courses

  1. Mechanical Maintenance Package*
  2. Electrical Maintenance Package*
  3. Instrumentation and Control Package*
  4. Surface Oil and Gas Processing Facilities
  5. Petroleum Exploration and Production
  6. Fundamentals of Natural Oil and Gas Measurements
  7. Corrosion
  8. Pipeline
  9. Drilling
  10. Cementing
  11. Cost Control/Planner
  12. Work Over
  13. Completion
  14. Geology
  15. Reservoir Engineering
  16. Water Treatment
  17. Welding Techniques and Testing
  18. Non-Destructive Test (NDT)
  19. Construction Management
  20. Advanced GPS Control Network Survey and QC
  21. Quality Control and Assurance for Concrete and Steel Structure Projects
  22. Small Bore Tubing and Tubing Fittings Installations
  23. Others *

B. Technical / Health and Safety Courses

  1. HSE Foundations
  2. Health and Safety for Facilities Management
  3. Safety awareness and work control
  4. PPE
  5. Hazard awareness
  6. Hazards awareness in industrial cleaning
  7. Safety signs
  8. Electrical safety awareness
  9. Advance Electrical safety
  10. Self-contained breathing apparatus
  11. Authorized gas testers for hot work
  12. Authorized gas tester for confined space
  13. H2S Awareness principles
  14. Advanced H2S Course
  15. Permit to work
  16. Manual handling awareness
  17. Safety lifting operations
  18. Crane operations
  19. Forklift operations
  20. Tools and equipment safety awareness
  21. Emergency response plan
  22. Root cause analysis
  23. Pressure hazard safety
  24. NEBOSH (Third party)
  25. OSHA (Third party)
  26. International minimum industry safety training
  27. Excavation works
  28. Confined space entry
  29. Working at height
  30. Basic Firefighting
  31. Advanced Firefighting
  32. Workplace hazards
  33. Accident prevention and safety promotion
  34. Chemical and hazardous materials safety
  35. Personal protective equipment
  36. Safety compliance, standards and safety practices
  37. Forklifts operation
  38. Injuries and first aid
  39. Risk assessment.
  40. Evacuation
  41. Employees involvement
  42. Driving safety and driving hazards
  43. Fuel handling and general safety knowledge
  44. Others *

Other Special courses

  1.  ISO 10015:1999 and Training needs analysis, implementing evaluation and monitoring of training
  2. ISO 22000 Overview of Food Safety Management
  3. ISO 9001 Overview of Quality Management Standards
  4. ISO 14001 Overview of Environmental Management

C. Non-technical / Soft Skills Courses:

  1. Emotional intelligence
  2. Problem solving
  3. Time Management/Planning Skills
  4. Interpersonal skills
  5. Leadership and Management
  6. Communication skills
  7. General behavior and personal attitude
  8. Presentation skills
  9. Self development and policy enforcement, execution and performing
  10. Coaching skills for managers
  11. Cross culture collaboration
  12. Performance management skills
  13. Interview and selection skills
  14. Decision making
  15. Change management
  16. Stress Management
  17. Building and maintaining an effective team
  18. Modern Management
  19. Electronic Management
  20. Strategies for Managing Technical Teams
  21. Managing Multiple Tasks, Priorities & Deadlines
  22. Managing Service Quality and Customer Satisfaction (Customer Management Specialist)
  23. Others *

D. Accounting and Contracts management Courses:

  1. International commercial Arbitration and joint oil field management
  2. Finance and investment
  3. Financial Accounting
  4. Oil and Gas Accounting and Performance Measurement
  5. Materials mastering management
  6. Contracts and procurement
  7. Negotiation and contracting
  8. Warehouse inventory management
  9. Marketing, advertisement and communication
  10. Fixed Assets value transfer
  11. Purchasing and supply chain management
  12. Project Management
  13. Sales and business development
  14. Digital marketing
  15. Content/Technical writing
  16. HR Management
  17. Document control and records management
  18. Others *

E. Non-technical / IT Courses:

  1. Microsoft courses package*
  2. CISCO courses package*


Al Delma has very specialized and professional instructors and trainers who can deliver the above training courses to client trainees at client premises and/or at Al Delma Training centre.

Al Delma understands that other areas of specialization may be required, subject to the needs of Client, and shall address these areas with the same level of professionalism as the areas mentioned above. Al Delma shall use whatever means possible to make sure that the relevant highly skilled trainers are always available to suit these needs.

(*) More details will be available upon request.

Special courses can be available upon client needs.