Training Centre

Training Centre


Al Delma operates with a focus on the future, recognizing the challenges of developments and always searching for ways to improve performance and output.
It recognizes the value of knowledge and embarks on a journey of continuous learning.
Conventional training solutions, adopted by most training service providers, will not be effective enough to address the training needs of Iraqi personnel to yield the required professional training goals, due to the unique situation in Iraq. Iraqi personnel require extensive training in all disciplines.
Reflecting on the above, Al Delma adopts tailored and client-specific training plans that ensure best integration between the training local contents and the training related international standards and norms.
Al Delma believes that no real developments can take place in Iraq without bridging the knowledge gap that has widened over the years, and thus all training aspects need to be considered.
Al Delma addresses training requirements in all industries, most important of which the oil and gas industry, the main industry of Iraq.
Like other major industries in the world, this industry requires competencies and capabilities in all disciplines, technical and none technical, such as engineering, management, safety, quality….etc.
At Al Delma we believe in what we do, and are dedicated to and enthusiastic about, achieving results. We are motivated by our goals and thrive on the accomplishments we make.

Training Methodology

Al Delma adopts a unique training methodology to adapt to the training needs in Iraq.
Al Delma realizes that the real challenge in the training process lies in the proper communications with the modern technologies provided by the international oil and gas companies.
With the language as an obstacle, Al Delma started with delivering English language training courses, aided by computer skills courses, to prepare the Iraqi personnel for receiving training in other disciplines in a language other than their mother-tongue.
Having achieved that, Al Delma went on to deliver training in all disciplines of the oil and gas industry. It now, professionally delivers technical and none technical training courses in a diversity of fields.
Al Delma’s instructors possess considerable expertise in different training fields in Iraq, with long years in the most reputable Iraqi educational institutes.
Al Delma aims to leverage from these valuable assets to establish a local bridge for International Oil Companies and international training providers, to enable them to achieve their goals smoothly and effectively.
Al Delma strongly believes that time is of great essence and this urges the need for an exceptional plan that addresses training the trainee and on-the –job training.

    • In general, Al Delma’s methodology includes:
  • Clear understanding to the training needs of the client.
  • Planning the training.
  • Preparing the training materials.
  • Training sequence.
  • Specific training methods and training aids.
  • Professional trainers in relevant disciplines.
  • Time management.
  • Resources management.
  • Training facilities.
  • HSE Plan.
  • Compliance with local and international training related standards and norms.
  • Accommodation.
  • Recreation.
  • Transportation.

Training Sequence

Al Delma employs the “five-step training scheme” namely, Knowledge, Preparation, Selection Criteria, Planning & Execution, and Acquired Competence.
The content of any specific training is very essential and therefore, the selection of the right syllabus is crucial to ensure the right start step.
Once the content that conforms to the specific training, is agreed upon, a good preparation would be required to ensure the best utilization of the offered knowledge.
An important element in the training sequence is the selection criteria, “who are your targeted trainees?” When all the fore mentioned sequences have completed, a detailed planning procedure will be considered to ensure efficient execution and implementation of the training plans.







Al Delma continuously strives to acquire the best possible knowledge from all of the available sources.
The instructors are knowledge motivated and directed to continuously acquire the state of the art in their professions and maintain high educational levels.
Al Delma continues to approach the elite international training providers to get and implement the most efficient updated training programs.

    • It plays an essential role to the international training providers for the following reasons:
  • Local awareness and knowledge.
  • Physical presence in most of hubs in Iraq.
  • Knowledge of the clients’ actual training requirements.
  • Good communications and relationships with Iraqi clients.
  • Proven capabilities of projects implementation with quality.
  • Ability of providing state-of-the-art local training facilities.
  • Proven records in executing training contracts.
  • Proven competencies of their instructors.
  • Availability of in-house training facility.
  • Ability to provide in-country and out of country training facilities.


Basically, the training programs are addressed according to the clients’ requirements and based on a pre- agreement related to a specific program.
Once the content of the training program is agreed upon, preparation takes place to manipulate and express the details of the required training program.
Usually, clients define their own needs based on their understanding of the required programs.
Al Delma’s role is to build the bridge between the clients’ thoughts and the updated knowledge available for a specific program.
The fundamentals of the training programs are the same, but the best training delivery methods are changed and updated frequently, and in many cases they go beyond clients’ expectations.
Therefore, to arrive at a specific training program, a thorough discussion is needed between all parties concerned to ensure all are on the same page.
Preparation also needs to ensure the best communications with the knowledge that best suits the purpose of the training.

Selection Criteria

The selection criteria for the training candidates are the most important step Al Delma considers.
Any training shall not be successful if the trainees’ capacities do not match the training level. Basically, pre-evaluation tests are conducted to ensure acceptable match.
However, a constructive dialogue with the concerned clients is a must to ensure utmost harmony. Al Delma has many case histories to tell about this crucial parameter.
The most advanced training programs in conjunction with the best training facilities would not yield efficient results without the right trainees.
This is why Al Delma pays a considerable attention to the trainees’ selection criteria.

Planning & Execution

    • Once agreed on the content of the training program and the selection of the trainees, Al Delma adopts a detailed plan that encompasses the following:
  • Facilitation of the training materials.
  • Facilitation of the training location.
  • Scheduling optimization that ensures best utilization of the instructors, and best delivery to the trainees.
  • Safety plan.
  • Security plan.
  • Logistics support for the instructors.
  • Logistics support for the trainees.

According to the experiences and knowledge gained by Al Delma over the years in executing training projects, Al Delma has established an efficient execution plan that shall ensure delivery to the best interest of the client, and ensure the most effective way of kicking the contract in a way that meets, if not exceeds the expectations of the client.

    • Al Delma‘s execution plan is based on:
  • Assessed capabilities, knowledge and experiences acquired by Al Delma.
  • Relevant training materials.
  • Professional trainers.
  • Adequate training facilities with related tools and training aids.
  • Seamless training delivery, ensuring maximum benefits to the trainees.
  • Adherence to a clear execution timeline.
  • Adequate logistics.

Acquired Competence

One of the major elements that should be assessed at the end of each training course is the amount of knowledge and skills the trainees have gained and how well can trainees utilize these acquired skills in their field of work, a parameter known as “acquired competence”. In its training methodology, Al Delma places so much importance on this factor and defines it as the fifth element in the adopted training sequence.

Al Delma can also, based on the client’s request, conduct a pre- course competence assessment, to determine the capabilities of the client’s nominees for the course to be held.

Al Delma Trainers

    • Our experiences with our instructors are successful for the following reasons:
  • Avoid the culture barriers.
  • Have better understanding on the local content.
  • Ease of communication.
  • More awareness for the needs.
  • Ensure their availability.

Al Delma Trainers Profile

    • All trainers at Al Delma satisfy:
  • Minimum five (5) years training and instructing experiences.
  • Advanced academic background.
  • Decades of exposure to the oil & gas industry.

Al Delma Training Centre

The location of training facilities is essential to ensure the success of the training itself.
Al Delma summarizes all the training requirements in one stop shop-training centre in Zubair, Basrah.
The main concern of any activity in Iraq is security.
Al Delma training Centre is entirely secured not only by a well-known security company but also by its safe and secure location that is equipped with all the security requirements.

    • In addition to the security Al Delma Training Centre has the following privileges:
  • No visa requirements for the trainees, since it is a local centre.
  • No extra international accommodation or international traveling charges for trainees.
  • The transportation can be facilitated as required.
  • The centre is vicinity of most of the clients in the Southern Region of Iraq.
  • The centre is equipped with up-to-date training facilities and equipment’s.
  • 14 classrooms (each, 20 student) plus 3 computer labs.
  • Full 24/7 recreation facilities for instructors and trainees.
  • Full 24/7 accommodation and life support services for instructors and trainees or other clients up to 300 people overnight.
  • Internet services.
  • Outdoor football, basketball yard.
  • Standby power.
  • Spacious area for instructors with 8 separated offices.
  • Full administration and management services.
  • Spacious hangar area for outdoor technical training.

Training Simulators Fabricators and Quality Inspectors

Total Number of Trainees for Technical / Safety Training Total Number of Trainees for Non Technical Training

Total Number of Trainees

Courses Reviewers and Accreditors

Training Fields

Al Delma has come a long way in delivering training in different disciplines and it is always ready and prepared for providing this service at its training centre in Basra, any other location within Iraq or outside the country.
Al Delma has the capabilities to deliver training in the following areas: