Life Support Services

Life Support Services

At Client Location

Al Delma offers your organization highly professional life support services anywhere in Iraq, from food services to housekeeping, laundry, janitorial, transport, maintenance, security, pest control and entertainment.
Al Delma provides practically anything and everything that your workforce needs to stay well fed and as comfortable as possible at any job site in Iraq.
Wherever your business takes you, our experienced team of professionals will be there to take care of your needs.

Our life Support Services at Client location include:
  • Camp Catering Services

    Al Delma is capable of providing professional catering services for clients anywhere in Iraq. Al Delma, with its highly skilled team of professionals with many years of experience in food and restaurant business, is capable of planning catering services for any occasion or business. Our catering services management plans the services based on the client’s requirements. This could be a one-time occasion or a time – limited service. Our services extend to providing packaged meals to people in remote and harsh locations. Our catering services take care of all the details, from preparation to clean up. Our team of highly qualified professionals will make any event a pleasure.
    Al Delma offers a robust solution for all of your catering requirements. Whether it is in a harsh zone, offshore oil rig, land camp or anywhere else workers need a satisfying meal, our team can be there.
    Our logisticians and procurement staff assure uninterrupted supplies of ingredients and goods, to even the most remote dining locations. Our chefs, working in concert with registered dieticians will customize, develop and deliver food service meals appropriate to your particular requirements.
    Meal plans are designed with variety and healthy choices in mind. All food is stored, prepared and cooked on site to the highest industry standards working to HACCP standards with dedicated Health & Safety officers on site at all times.
    At Al Delma, we have many years of experience of providing innovative camp catering solutions to remote site projects. Whether it’s feeding a 10,000 multi-national man camp or a 30 man camp, Al Delma will provide the ultimate solution for the occasion. Al Delma provides customized menus developed in close co-ordination with our Clients.
    ISO 22000 and HACCP food handling and safety standards are implemented throughout the Al Delma food supply chain. Our HACCP Plan includes the written documentation for a particular product and/or food supply or catering process that describes the product, risk assessment process and corrective actions to be followed in accordance with HACCP principles.

  • Camp Support Services

    At Al Delma, our philosophy towards Camp Operation and Management is built around the concept of “Community Living”. Many of our clients recognize the benefits of enhanced living conditions for their employees and are realizing the benefits of the resulting increased welfare standard such as higher productivity rates, lower staff turnover etc.
    Al Delma supplies a full range of life support and camp services including:

    • Laundry.
    • Cleaning and Housekeeping.
    • Pest and Vector Control.
    • Hospitality services.
    • Waste Management.
    • Wastewater treatment.
    • Full supply.
  • Power Generation Services (Temporary Power Requirements)

    Al Delma supplies and leases generators and provides power generation solutions including fuel, maintenance, and planning the required level of redundancy to match our Client’s operational requirements.
    We provide:

    • Sizing and design of temporary power solutions.
    • Provision of generators and all ancillary equipment.
    • Provision of maintenance services.



  • Supply Chain and Logistics Services

    Al Delma plans and manages all the activities involved in sourcing, buying, consolidation, packing, and international transport to our Client’s sites, no matter how remote these sites may be.
    We plan effectively, analyzing and mitigating supply chain risk, and we also have extensive experience in humanitarian logistics, providing fast and efficient supply of goods and services to NGOs and UN Missions responding to emergency situations.




  • Facility Management, Maintenance and Repair Services

    Al Delma provides a full range of Planned Preventive Maintenance and ad hoc Reactive Maintenance services for a wide range of camp plant and equipment, from buildings and tented camps to electrical generators, and kitchens to frozen food storage and HVAC installations.
    At Al Delma, Camp Facility Management Services are an interdisciplinary business function that coordinates space, infrastructure, people and organization.
    Our services are geared towards meeting clients’ needs in terms of accommodation, utilities management, hospitality, project design and management, cleanliness, Potable Water Treatment, Waste Water Treatment and Comprehensive Waste Management, Power Generation and Energy Management, Entertainment and Leisure, Fire Safety, Grounds Handling and Landscaping.
    Al Delma is capable of providing maintenance and repair works for facilities in client camps or remote locations within Iraq.
    Al Delma can provide preventive and/or reactive maintenance for the client’s facility.