In House Life Support services

In House Life Support services

One of the greatest accomplishments of Al Delma has been the establishment of a modern, unique and multi-purpose Accommodation and Customer Service Centre in Basrah. The Centre has been built to provide complete and adequate accommodation services for a diversity of businessmen, groups, teams and entities conducting business and/or projects, or undergoing training.
The Centre is located in Iraq, Basrah, Zubair city, Draihmyah Area, District 16, and Plot 55/7, with GPS coordinates of Lat N 30 20 42.60 and Lon E 47 42 26.16. It lies on the third right turn after passing the Military Check Point (Marine checkpoint) towards Safwan. Al Delma’s Accommodation Centre is entirely secured not only by a well-known security company, but also by its safe and secure location that is equipped with all the security and safety requirements.
The services offered by the Accommodation Centre go beyond expectations. The Accommodation Centre is used by clients, contractors or businessmen conducting businesses or projects in Basrah region. The Centre offers full board accommodation services, incorporating comfortable rooms, good meals, management services, internet services, laundry services, medical facility, recreation facilities and security.
At Al Delma’s Accommodation Centre you shall have:

  • Three meals a day (breakfast, lunch and dinner) of diversified menus.
  • Hot and cold water, shower and bath.
  • Air conditioning.
  • Coffee and tea facilities in all rooms.
  • Daily cleaning and housekeeping.
  • Daily replacement of sheets, pillowcases, towels.
  • Daily replacements of toiletries.
  • Laundry and dry cleaning services upon request.
  • Room service upon request.
  • Al Delma’s Accommodation Centre offers the following privileges: Customer’s Accommodation

    • The centre is in the vicinity of most of the clients in the Southern region of Iraq.
    • The centre is secured by a well known international security company.
    • Full 24/7 CCTV monitoring and guards patrol.
    • Full 24/7 emergency medical services.
    • Full 24/7 accommodation and life support services for up to 300 people overnight.
    • Recreation facilities.
    • Modern GYM hall.
    • Modern dining facility with Western / Eastern and Hindi kitchen.
    • Internet services.
    • Outdoor football, basketball yard.
    • Standby power.
    • Spacious area for PSD and clients parking.
    • Full administration and management services.
    • Spacious storage hangar area and outdoor staging area.
  • Customer’s Administration activities

    • Spacious offices with different sizes and shapes with fully daily services.
    • Meeting and conference rooms.
    • Spacious storage hangar area.
  • Other Customer activities

    • Spacious modern workshops and painting shop.
    • Spacious modern full secured storages.
    • Outdoor and indoor parking yards.
    • Nice swimming pool.