Safety Measures

Safety Measures

To responsibly manage its activities, Al Delma gives utmost priority to the control of all hazardous elements and dangers, associated with a specific job that may threaten people and the environment.
To achieve this goal, the company has implemented an integrated system to manage all aspects related to Health, Safety and Environment.
By complying to statutory safety requirements and by the definition and the enforcing of the procedures of its integrated system, Al Delma seeks to ensure that all risks for the health and safety of all its employees and sub-contractors employees are cancelled from the working areas. Furthermore, the Company considers being a main concern.

  • The control and reduction of the wastes produced.
  • The control and reduction, whenever possible, of energy, gas, water and diesel consumption’s.
  • The control and reduction, whenever possible, of the use of chemical materials, especially hazardous ones.
  • The control of the indirect environmental aspects in generated by Al Delma subcontractors and suppliers.

Al Delma does not engage in any business in Iraq until assurance that all safety aspects for that particular job are fulfilled and can be controlled.


To turn theory into practice and to promote the actions required for a continuous improvement, Al Delma has decided to seek the realization of the following purposes:

  • Consider and follow up Health, Safety and Environment applicable regulations.
  • Assure maximum support to projects, in order to eliminate risks in the working areas.
  • Regularly and thoroughly assess the hazards personnel may be exposed to in the working environment, enforcing all the required prevention and protection measures.
  • Encourage all the personnel, including sub-contractors to report hazardous behaviors and conditions or Near Misses.
  • Ensure Company’s commitment in the reduction of impacts generated by the performed activities (by means of containment and control of energy consumption, restraint and control of hazardous waste and optimization of the practices of waste recycling).
  • All these goals will be periodically reviewed and assessed, in order to verify the adequacy.



Al Delma’s Safety policy is communicated to all staff and at all levels, including subcontractors working for Al Delma on specific assignments.

  • Ensure the planning of the activities needed to reach these goals.
  • Ensure the reporting of the data needed for the monitoring of the advancement of accomplishment.
  • Ensure the staff, sub-contractors and suppliers involvement at all levels.

At Al Delma we continuously identify associated risks, assess these risks and implement risk control measures and maintain them, to safeguard personnel and the surrounding environment.