Life Support

Our collaborative style of working with clients and our clear understanding of individual clients needs in terms of project requirements enable us to achieve cost effective, solutions driven results at both a strategic and operational levels of business. Our drive to develop long-term relationships with our clients provides the results they need to complete projects successfully.

We strongly believe that no project can be successfully accomplished anywhere in the world, including Iraq, without adequate life support services. Our life support services evolved as a direct result of responding in a positive and pro-active manner to our clients’ requirements. At Al Delma We fully understand the different aspects of life support services, and envision the concept of these services as a comprehensive and effective solution that aids the clients towards the successful implementation of their businesses and projects. Our range of services spans industries as diverse as mining, construction, agriculture, oil and gas exploration and production as well as infrastructure development.

Al Delma is a major life support service provider in Iraq, motivated by perseverance, dedication and commitment to serve the Iraqi community. In this field, Al Delma provides single package or turn-key solutions, with international standards, successful plans for the allocation of resources, quick mobilization and speed in design, 24/7 back up and emergency services, in addition to operational maintenance and support for any given project or business, and based on the client’s requirements .

Al Delma provides an extensive array of life support services essential for businesses and projects at remote locations or locations within built up areas. It has a strong network of resources to create seamless support services for any given project. In providing life support services Al Delma can use its own resources and/or source equipment, supplies, personnel and management needed to provide real life support anytime, anywhere and in any required fashion.  Additionally, we have in-depth experience providing real life support in harsh and hostile environments. We have the ability to provide the full spectrum of support required to operate a self contained camp or facility. Whether it is in a camp, a facility or in a remote isolated location, Al Delma has the assets, experience and ability to meet your need. Our services are tailored to meet the requirements of the clients regardless of the challenges.

Having performed in this field for many years, Al Delma employs a crew of professionals at all levels, with vast years of experience in the field of life support services, and is always keen on meeting, if not exceeding clients’ expectations.

Under the real life support umbrella, Al Delma provides fully integrated services. These include, but are not limited to:

  • ·         Full board accommodation
  • ·         Catering and food preparation services
  • ·         Security and safety
  • ·         Water Supply
  • ·         Transportation
  • ·         Sewage and garbage management and removal
  • ·         Power generation
  • ·         Building and facility maintenance services
  • ·         Fuel supply
  • ·         Emergency medical services and first aid
  • ·         Wastewater disposal services
  • ·         Pest and animal control
  • ·         Recreation, fitness, social and religious facilities
  • ·         Visa granting services and 24/7 administration services
  • ·         Internet services and 24/7 IT support

We pride ourselves on the quality of the services we provide in the field of life support. 



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